Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

We love the Pumpkin Patch.  We went to McDonald's Farm a few weeks ago.  It was a beautiful day.  As you can see we all had fun.  The girls were so excited to get home and carve their pumpkins.  We made them wait until a few days ago.

Weight Limit?

 How many grandkids can Grandpa fit on the 4 Wheeler?  All of them!  (Except for Little Lydia)  Yes, that is right he had all 6 kids on the 4 wheeler for a ride.  Makenna got the best seat - right up front, Grandpa, Cami, Addi, Gracie, Ayla and Ezra.  Oh and don't forget Leeza the dog in the front basket :0)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Serious Talks

Makenna has been talking about driving lately.  I mean about getting her driver's license.  So I thought I better just nip this in the bud and tell her she won't be driving because her vision is so poor.  Well in the midst of my explanation about eyesight and needing to see when driving (I am anticipating tears and lots of questions.)  Makenna pipes in with "Who is going to take me to see you when you are dead?"  Really?!  That is the pressing question?  So we talked about all the people that love her and will be able to drive her around when I am old and gone.  That girl's mind keeps me hopping.

Cami is really interested in directions and watching where we are going.  So one morning on our way to Rhonda's house (our babysitter) I take a different turn. Cami notices that we are going the way we go when we get groceries and things.
Cami, "Where are we going mom?  Are you getting gas?
Mom, "Not this morning Cami we got gas yesterday."
Cami, "Are we going shopping?"
Mom, "No, Cami we are stopping at the bank to get some money."
Cami, "Why do you need money?"
Mom, "I need to pay Rhonda."
Cami, "Why Mommy, Rhonda doesn't have any money?"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney World!

We had a fabulous time at Disney World.  We shared this trip with my parents and Jay's sister Peggy and her family.  The kids all had a wonderful time and so did the adults.  It really is a Magical place.  We loved the Illumination show on the side of the castle(which had pics of Makenna and Ayla at Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boutique) and Wishes (the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.)  It was so hot the entire time we were there.  I don't think I have ever been that hot in my life. The good thing was the lines really weren't too long.  We either had great timing or the numbers were down while we were visiting. 

First character - Minnie Mouse
The Whole Gang headed out on our first morning.
 Cami dancing at Playhouse Disney with Ezra
 Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage - front row seats - AMAZING!
 I love this picture of Cami - she is watching a parade.  It just says it all about Disney World.
Ezra and Ayla.  Ezra loves anything Toy Story.
 Cami was wiped out after our first morning at a park.
 Another favorite - Cami and Daddy watching a parade.
 Pocahontas with the girls.  She was beautiful!
 Photo opp at Animal Kingdom.
Jay was picked to participate in the Lion King Show.  He had to teach us the Wart Hog call.
Cami dropped her original ice cream cone.  A very nice cast member made sure she got a replacement. As you can see it made her day.
 Ezzy with his icecream!
We saw Goofy at Playhouse Disney.  Cami said, "I want to kiss him!"  We finally met him in person the next day.  She loved all the characters.  She wasn't a bit shy :0)
 We caught Pluto on the last day on our way out of the park.  Thank goodness - Cami was so excited.
Another beauty - Rupunzel.  She thought Flynn Rider would love my 31 satchel, however, he wouldn't be there until November.
Everyone loved the castle.
 Goofy - at Chef Mickey's.  Poor Ezra wasn't feeling well so he missed out on breakfast.
 Donald Duck
 Minnie Mouse
Cami giving Mickey a kiss.
 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
 Makenna thought there would be a ball to attend.  She wanted to dance - so we danced!
Last day at Disney World.
Oh my Goodness - they are holding Tinkerbell!!
Norman Family - Peggy, Devin, Ezra and Ayla
The Normans and Susils in front of the castle.
 The prettiest Cinderella I have ever seen.
Photo shoot.
Pretty girl
Seeing herself for the first time.
Getting her hair put into the princess bun.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

CHARGE Syndrome Conference

 A friend from "across the pond" teaching Cami to hula hoop.
 Belinda and Cami having a squeeze.
 Makenna the cat.
 Makenna dancing at the party.

We attended the CHARGE Syndrome Conference in Orlando, FL this past July.  It is hard to describe the experience.  Basically, over 800 people associated with CHARGE Syndrome converge in a conference center for a weekend every two years.  It is an amazing, overwhelming, emotional, draining and energizing time. Every time we attend a conference, I think to myself don't be disappointed if you don't get as much out of it this year.  Yet every year, I learn something new and love it just as much as the first time we attended.   It is a wonderful experience to get to interact with professionals that understand and love working with people with CHARGE.  My favorite part is meeting families, individuals and old friends to talk, compare and just understand each other. It is an experience like no other.  One professional put it nicely when he said that the love we have for our children is palpable it is in the air, however, it is not just the parents. It is the other family members, friends, grandparents, professionals, the sign language interpreters, everyone in attendance has this love for these children/adults with CHARGE Syndrome.  Every single person at that conference is so invested in individuals with CHARGE Syndrome.  It is like a huge family reunion.  These words are just not doing the conference justice.  I feel very blessed that we have been fortunate enough to attend every conference since Makenna was 4 years old.   

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Picture Walk of our the last Ten Months

driving the jeep at COSI

Could she be any cuter in headphones?

watch out for the t rex

Kenna with the shock ball

the whole gang - Jack, Carson Sarah, Cami and Makenna


Dinosaur feet

Makenna at Black Water Falls

Makenna, Daddy and Papaw checking out the view.

Papaw and his camping girls on the top of the mountain.

Daddy and girls in the valley

More exploring

Love to ride

Camping buddies

Family photo

Makenna and her buddy Marissa

I love my girls.

Ready for their recital.

Makenna is ready for lunch

Long day of ATVing

Addi and Cami exploring the rocks

Makenna and Grandpa on the 4 wheeler

Trampoline with Uncle Brian

Head first! Memorial day fun.

All dressed up to cheer sissy on at baseball.

Kenna has it down pat.

Cami practicing with the Vipers - look at that form.

Winter dance recital at Sunny View Nursing home

Easter Sunday

Kenna's working hard

Easter eggs

Time for Baseball

Santa at Nana and Baba's

The Susil cousins - Makenna, Camille, Addison, Lydia, Ayla and Ezra

Oops out of order - more Christmas morning

Makenna's 10th birthday!

Ready for Christmas Mass

My Cuties

Better day for Christmas card photos

Christmas at Nana and Baba Miller's house

Serious discussion about what she wanted for Christmas.

Waiting patiently for her turn on Santa's lap.

Maybe not a good night for Christmas card photos.

Makenna and Santa - she asked if Santa got her gift at Walmart?!

Cami loves to tap.

Christmas dance recital

Trying for a Christmas Card picture.

The beloved pack pack. She wore this nonstop and took it everywhere - great buy :0)

Some help from big sis - opening birthday presents

What a two year old does when she finds a marker!

Happy 2nd Birthday Camille Rose!

Jack- o - Lantern and Tinkerbell

Finished product!

Makenna and pumpkin

Jack, Matthew, Cami and Makenna ready for trick or treat!

Girls with their pumpkins

Carson's birthday: Sarah, Cami, Jack, Makenna and Carson

So I have obviously gotten way behind on my blogging. By the time I was ready to catch up it was just too overwhelming. I have decided to do a picture walk of the last ten months and start fresh from there. Enjoy!